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Unity has published ML-Agents 2.x which can do reinforcement learning on Unity environment. Here is the GitHub Repo.

To set everything up, we first need to install Unity. I have installed 2020.3.18f1 LTS version to my Ubuntu 20.04 from Unity Hub.

Then, we need to clone the ML-Agents 2.x GitHub Repo, for example, to ~/code/ml-agents/.

Create a new Unity project, drag the folder ~/code/ml-agents/Project/Assets/ML-Agents/Examples to the Unity Assets, right beside the Scenes folder.

Then, we need to install some packages to Unity. Click on the menu Window->Package Manager, select Packages: In Project, click the + on its left, Add package from disk..., and choose the package.json in ~/code/ml-agents/ folder, install it. Click the + and Add package from disk... again, and choose the package.json in ~/code/ml-agents/ folder, install it as well. packagemanager

We also need another package from Unity Registry. Search for Input System, and install that. input-system

We would notice that there are still errors in the console. It seems that there are some incompatible code in the example PushBlockWithInput. I simply delete that example in Assets. (There is one folder called Assets/Examples/SharedAssets, it must be included.)

Now, if we open the scene Assets/Examples/3DBall/Scenes/3DBall.unity, we can click play to see the pre-trained model controling the robots. (Although there are still many error messages. ;) 3dball

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