Thank you, GitHub and Jekyll

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Thank you, GitHub and Jekyll.

Now I have my homepage again.

I’d like to share my thoughts and ideas and source codes here. Hope they helped.

btw, I am so happy to see Jekyll’s way of managing a website. It reminds me of the old days.

Here is my naive thoughts back in 2007 (Oh my god, it was almost 10 years ago!):

I found a very interesting method of templates when I was writing a website yesterday.

Normal template technology is using PHP programs to read a template file, and parsing the symbols itself, than get the final > version of PHP page codes, store those to a work cache folder, and show that if need.

The popular technology of template in PHP is like Smarty or sth.

I got another way to using template. Anyway, it may be not so securable, but it’s very easy to use.

1, Make HTML pages, and give them PHP extension name. Like: template.php

hello, world. 

2, Create different pages which really need to show. Like: page.php

  $str = hello, world. 
  1. Replace the string using the PHP vars. Like: template.php

ok, call page.php, you can see your work.

Addtional, you can even give the template.php a List to show the records. That’s a great thing.

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